Mastery, Kings & Pentacles

Mastery, Kings & Pentacles

This week the cards are all about Mastery, Kings and Pentacles. The cards are from Tarot of the Old Path. My personal favourite for private readings. This week Mastery, King of Pentacles and Knight of Pentacles. Interesting cards with a story to tell!

Tarot cards - Mastery, King of Pentacles and Page of Pentacles.
Cards for week commencing 18th July 2022

First Impressions

The first thing that strikes me as I look at these cards is that the King is looking towards the past, looking back at the Mastery card. It makes me think that he is contemplating all the hard work and experience that has put him where he is today. He is acknowledging the times when he took brave steps and drove forward with his plans. He knows his success today is down to his fearlessness in the past.

The young Knight, however, looks wistfully ahead with his arms folded inside his armour. There is a slight air of bravado mixed with uncertainty. Like many of us when we were young, we believed we knew best! The placement of these cards feel like he is not taking heed of the King’s experience. He wants to do things his own way. Or perhaps he is getting bored. Waiting for the King to hand over the reins!

Initial Interpretation

A couple of meanings spring to mind for these cards. Perhaps it is a message to look back at your past experiences and see how far you have come. Maybe you need to learn from them and then move forward with fresh new eyes? Another interpretation could be that you are ignoring the lessons from your past and from other, more experienced, people. You believe you can do it alone and don’t need help. Which one resonates with you most?


The Mastery Card is the Chariot in a traditional Tarot deck. It represents the confidence of youth. Of mastering your emotions and driving forward with confidence. See how the rider masters all four horses. Each horse represents the physical elements of earth, air, fire and water. Linked to the zodiac sign of Cancer, the Chariot is a vehicle for transportation and for change.

In this spread it sits to the left, indicating the past. Therefore I see it as past experiences. A time when you were able to move forwards with ease. Using your skill to change the direction of your life.

You may therefore be reminiscing about decisions you made. Looking at how life has panned out for you. Taking stock of your blessings and considering your options just now.

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is a strong card. This King is methodical and meticulous. Planning each and every move carefully before acting. He didn’t get to where he is by frivolous actions. Pentacles represent the material realm. Finances, stability, security, food, sustenance, shelter – all the things we need to ensure our survival. With the current cost of living crisis it is not surprising that many of us are trying to work out how we can better make use of our skills to survive. I’ve even started to learn how to grow my own fruit and vegetables!

There is also an element of passing the baton of experience to the next generation. The Knight of Pentacles sits to the right of the King – in the immediate future space. In a three card reading left is past, middle is present and right is future.

Perhaps the King is considering how to pass on his experience to the next generation, his son the Knight. This resonates strongly with me as I am working closely with my daughter Shannon to pass on my Reiki experience to her as she starts out. By the way, have you booked in with her yet? If not please do! She is a wonderful Reiki healer in her own right!

Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is the slowest to act of all the Knights. This can sometimes indicate being stuck and not moving forwards. As you will see from the card image, the Knight stands still. In the Rider Waite Smith deck the Knight of Pentacles sits on a horse. The horse is standing still. This symbolism is carried forward into this deck. The character stands with arms folded, not moving.

Perhaps as the King contemplates how best to pass on his experience, the young Knight feels stuck. Wanting to do his own thing but waiting for his father’s advice. Are you feeling stuck? Do you need some advice before taking your next steps? Or are you pondering your decisions and getting stuck in the mud?

Going over old ground?

The asteroid Chiron goes retrograde this week. This can leave us feeling like we are going over old ground. Are you looking back at your old hurts and still carrying them with you? Let them go. See how much you’ve grown and move forward.

The downside of the King of Pentacles is that he plans so much he can become pedantic and stuck in the details. Sometimes you need to rise up and see the bigger picture. Harness the Mastery of the chariot and ride forward. Remember, you don’t need to know exactly how you will get there. You simply need to take the next step. One step at a time. And if you don’t know the next step? Then your first task is to find out!

Interesting Cards

These are interesting cards today. With the Tarot, it is important to let them percolate. If you read Tarot you’ll know that often the interpretation comes later. As you sit with the cards and let them open up.

I’ll be letting these brew all day. No doubt I will discuss them this evening with the Mystical Moon Days group. My fortnightly Tarot focused development group.

Let me know what they are saying to you. Leave a comment or share with your friends. And as always, have a wonderful week ahead and I’ll be back with more musings next Monday.

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