Mabon – A Time for Balance

Day and night are now equal. Welcome to the Autumn Equinox. A time for balance.

It’s September, it’s Mabon and there is a distinct chill in the air. The leaves are starting to change colour and Autumn is well and truly on the way. It’s my favourite time of year!

Mabon Season

I felt a rush of excitement as I got dressed this morning. As I pulled on my boots and put on my warm jumper, I could feel the changing energy of the season in the air. It’s time for cosy clothes, crisp morning walks on crunchy leaves and warming soups and stews.

As the Autumn Equinox, called Mabon in Wiccan circles, approaches it is a time for balance. Day and night are be of equal length today and we should work with this energy to restore balance to our lives.

We all have two sides – a light side and a dark side. More often than not we try to hide our dark side and we suppress the feelings that arise from it. It is important to realise that without dark we cannot have light. Both sides are equally important.

Particularly with everything that is going on around us, we must find some balance. We need to integrate the lessons of 2020. No more fear, let’s look for the goodness out there!

Meditate at Mabon for Balance

At this time of year I find it helpful to meditate on the concept of balance and duality. I take some time to look within and to notice the feelings that arise. It is important to recognise the aspects of your dark side and be completely non-judgemental about them. Notice them. Accept them. Forgive them. Let all fear, doubt, guilt and resentment pass away.

It is then equally important to focus on your light side. Look at your positives, the things in life you have to be grateful for. Notice and acknowledge the things you are good at and the things you have achieved since this time last year.

Be thankful and grateful for all the love and light in your life. Allow yourself to gently release any old fears or limiting beliefs as you recognise the duality of nature and your place in it.

Time to draw within

The crops are all harvested now, some plants are starting to wither and die in readiness for the coming winter. Mother Earth is preparing for her winter’s rest. We too should prepare to take the winter months to rest and recuperate. Work with the energy of the year, not against it.

Know in your heart that as nature goes into her slumber for the coming months she will awaken again. The sun may well be going into its lesser period now but for those in the Southern hemisphere it is gaining strength.

For everything there is a time and a season. For now recognise the balance in your life. Give thanks for the good and let go of the bad. Accept and love yourself completely and be balanced, centred and restored this Autumn Equinox.

Mabon Vibes

A guided meditation for you

If you would like to listen to a guided meditation about Mabon, where you meet the Crone Goddess to embrace your dark side and then the Green Man to embrace your light side, then please listen here.

Let me know how you plan on finding the balance this Equinox. Please do like, share and follow the blog for more content.

Blessed Be.

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