It breaks my heart

It breaks my heart.

She can’t just “be”. And she can’t find peace. Always on the move, always busy, always feeling put upon. Thinking that is her lot. It breaks my heart.

She feels a deep layer of sadness because she can’t be who she wants to be. In fact maybe she doesn’t even know who she is anymore. Depression or anxiety creeps in. Life becomes routine and boring. No fun – no love for herself.

Hiding behind the Walls

Putting walls up to shield her sensitive nature from the world. All the negative and harsh environments around her become unbearable. So it is easier to just block it out with a wall. A wall of “busyness”. Or maybe a wall of alcohol. Perhaps a wall of silence or a wall of blocked emotions. Anything to help her keep out the troubling thoughts. The emotions that remind her that she is inherently powerful . She just needs to be brave and allow her emotions to surface. To shine her brilliant light!

Feeling Powerless

She feels she always has to give to others. Always has to be in survival mode. Unable to shine her inner light. Not able to inspire herself and others to shine brightly. Afraid of her own power. Thinking she has no power or she is powerless to change things.

She feels alone and separated from everyone else. The illusion of separation. She can’t see the bigger picture. Unaware that her thoughts are things. That her energy vibration is constantly attracting and repelling things. She has forgotten that she plays an integral role in the web of life.

It breaks my heart

This breaks my heart because I have been that woman. I have been there hiding behind walls. Shutting out emotions until the bottom of the wine bottle made them all come pouring out. I have been the busy career girl with too little time to meditate. No time to be aware of my own essence.

I have been afraid to express myself. Scared to use my voice. Afraid to spread my wings and fly. Scared of my own light and my own power. Held back by limiting beliefs and society’s conditioning.

This breaks my heart because I can identify with this woman. I can understand her and know how she feels. She needs to let go of being busy all the time. It’s time to learn the art of self-care. She cannot give from an empty vessel. Knowing how it feels is important. Because this connects me with her in a unique way. We have shared experiences.

Shared Experiences

From these shared experiences we can then learn that we are all connected. We are all playing vital roles in this thing called “life”. All of us are all intrinsically linked. Our thoughts and energy vibrations create the world around us. And as we learn to shine our own lights, we give others the permission to do the same. And so the ripple effect begins and we create a new world. One where respect, love and understanding are valued more than consumerism, greed and hate.

It breaks my heart to see people feel that they cannot live the life they were born to lead. That they feel they have to play small. Life is such a gift. We are immensely powerful souls in our human form. Souls having a physical experience and learning emotional life lessons. How wonderful would it be if we all felt we could shine our lights brightly? Expressing our emotions without fear. Living truly authentic lives. In tune with each other and in tune with Mother Earth.

Thank you

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