Issues with the Spiritual Industry

Spiritual Industry Issues

I do not resonate with the term “lightworker”. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE the fact that more people are turning on their lights. More people are embracing their spiritual side. Waking up to the fact that there is more to life than what we physically experience. But I’ve never liked the term “lightworker”. This week I wanted to talk about that. And to get you thinking and discussing what presses your buttons in the spiritual industry.

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Lightworker Craze

In my opinion, too many “lightworkers” don’t actually walk their talk. They talk about being all love, light and fluffy rainbows all the time. And paint a picture of how living solely in the light is all it takes to live a happy, carefree life. What utter bullshit! Real healing is messy, difficult and takes radical honesty from both you and your teacher. Choose a teacher or mentor who has been through the dark and who is not afraid to face their shadow. Otherwise you are merely scraping the surface of your own potential for healing.

I’ve seen so many people claim to be lightworkers. But it feels off. Something doesn’t sit right in their energy. At least, that’s how it feels to me. It feels inauthentic somehow. We touched on this disconnection last week with the Imposter Syndrome musings. I think it’s because there has to be an acceptance that the dark is just as important as the light. BOTH are needed.

Shadows and Adversity

In fact it is often in the darkness that we find our true strength. And that strength then powers our inner light to shine. The adversity you face in life is what makes you grow. It is what drives you to make changes that lead towards healing and fulfilment. Because if nothing ever went wrong then would you ever change anything?

Humans fear change. We will happily sit in our comfort zones. And then something comes along to shift us out of our reverie. Can you relate?

Lack of Support

Here is another problem I see all the time in the Spiritual Industry. There are too many teachers running courses with no follow up support or guidance for the potential transformation their teaching will lead to. I choose to operate differently. When you work with me you not only get accredited training courses from an experienced teacher but you also have the opportunity to join a community where you can find the support, conversations and connections that really matter.

This is something that is really important to me. I’ve had some brilliant teachers and mentors. But I have also had some awful ones. Some who were clearly out just to make some money and who really didn’t care about providing ongoing support. And I’ve had so many people come to me for guidance after having a poor training experience elsewhere.

Regulation may be the answer

And I don’t just mean in Reiki circles. Although there is a shocking amount of rubbish online courses out there that promise to make you a Reiki Master in a weekend!

That’s why I think it is so important that you choose teachers who are registered with professional bodies. That way you know at least they have been properly trained. I also think it is high time that the industry was better regulated.

The CNHC are working to raise the standards in Reiki training. That’s why, in addition to my in person courses, I also offer The Reiki Solution, as ongoing support for all Reiki students.

I could probably go on about this for hours. But I won’t!

Raising your Vibration

One last thing that pushes my buttons in the spiritual industry is the focus on constantly raising your vibration.

There is such heavy emphasis placed on opening the upper chakras. Moving up the vibratory scale. All this talk of 5D and 7D and beyond. Let’s pause for a moment – we live in the physical world right? It is a 3D system. So we need to learn how to work with that first.

By all means yes, we need to understand that there is much more to life than this 3D reality. We can certainly work towards understanding higher dimensional realities. Because they are very real and do exist.

Upside down pyramid

My problem lies in the fact that people rush to experience these higher dimensions, without fully working on grounding. They become energetic topsy-turvy pyramids.
They spend next to no time working on their lower chakras. Only to find that they fracture their reality and end up with severe mental health problems. Simply because they have concentrated solely on opening their 3rd eye. And spent no time digging the deep foundations needed for that.

The higher you build, the deeper the foundations need to be. That means that each time you experience healing. Every time you unveil a deeper layer of understanding. You need to integrate it. And then dig a little deeper before reaching up.

Quick fix

But too many people look for a quick fix. And there are simply too many people out in the Spiritual Industry promising that quick fix. That pushes my buttons.

Because in my opinion, as a spiritual teacher and mentor I am responsible for holding space for you. Space for you to heal yourself. I can’t do it for you and neither can anyone else. Anyone who promises to be able to fix you is actually full of shit.
Because only YOU can fix YOU. But a good spiritual teacher and mentor will support and hold space for you. And provide their expertise and a community of people to help you every step of the way.

Share your thoughts

Tell me your thoughts. Has anything in here triggered you? Honest responses in the comments and let’s get this conversation flowing. Pop over to the Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness group here if you’re on Facebook and join the conversation

See you next week!

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