Is it OK to Learn Reiki Online – An Update

Is it OK to Learn Reiki Online – An Update

Back during the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, I wrote an article. “Is it OK to learn Reiki online?” This article has gained a lot of traction. Many people are clearly looking for online training options when it comes to learning Reiki.

Now as we rapidly approach the end of 2022, I feel it is important to put an update out about online training in the Reiki world.

Since Covid19 restrictions on gathering were lifted all Reiki classes have reverted to in person. This is because the professional bodies which whom I am registered, require face to face learning and attunements for Reiki.

Image of the Reiki Solution community hub
The Reiki Solution – A new way to enjoy online Reiki learning

Personal vs Professional

I am aware that not everybody who learns Reiki wants to practice professionally. So many people don’t understand the issue about the professional bodies being involved in their learning. However I am registered with the professional body and as such am bound by their code of conduct. That means I have affirmed that all my Reiki classes will be held in person and that I will only offer in person attunements.

So whilst I came up with a work-around in 2020 and early 2021 during a difficult and unprecedented time in our lives, I have to now revert to standard practice. During the virtual classes attunements were held live in my presence. And yes, I still stand by the fact that the Reiki industry needs to move with the times. And regulation is needed to allow effective, quality teaching both online and offline. This is something I will continue to work towards.

However each person who attended with me also then had to follow up with an in person session privately if they intended on eventually working in the Reiki world. This led to congestion in my diary, and issues for people who couldn’t travel to me. So ultimately, the work-around was amazing during the restrictions, and helped many people start their Reiki journey. But, it also had its downsides too.

New Options – The Reiki Solution

I have been teaching Reiki for more than ten years. Face to face learning and in person attunements are always my preferred method of working with this energy. But I do also offer online learning and support for those who have attended a Reiki class. Reiki students from any lineage or teacher can join The Reiki Solution. A community for Reiki people to feel safe and supported in their practice, keeping it fresh and building confidence each day.

I have built this programme to allow Reiki people to come together in a safe space. We meet twice a month, online via Zoom. In one monthly meeting we have a Reiki related theme to chat about and discuss. It is essentially a mini class with Q&A for all involved. Even if you can’t attend live, you can submit questions in advance and I will answer them on the call.

In the other monthly meeting we will share Reiki together and have a healing circle, live via Zoom. I will also be inviting guest experts into the community from time to time. And there is also a library of Reiki resources and exclusive content being created for members.

By creating this community I hope to bring the best of both worlds to the Reiki learning space. My formal classes will continue to be in person for as long as I am able to run them. But my follow up support, mentoring and guidance will take place online, allowing you the best of both worlds.

I’d love to discuss this with you. So please do feel free to jump into the community and get involved. You can find out more about The Reiki Solution here.


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