Is it OK to learn Reiki online?

Is it OK to learn Reiki online?

A question I get alot is – “Is it OK to learn Reiki online?” So I thought I would use this week’s musings to discuss this issue.

Traditionally, Reiki is taught in person, from Master to Student. In recent years there has been an influx of online training options. This is where discernment is key. There are so many cheap options out there but you really do get what you pay for – and you need to be careful when choosing an online Reiki course.

Reiki – online vs face to face learning

I have always taught Reiki in person at face to face classes. But back in 2020 when we experienced the global disruption and upheaval of the pandemic, I had to find new ways of doing things. So I decided to try out teaching Level 1 Reiki via a live Zoom class.

It was a great day. I took a lovely group of students through their Level 1 Reiki training in a sacred virtual environment. It was a beautiful day and the energy was amazing, particularly during the distance attunement section. In fact, now that I have carried out quite a few online classes like this, I can confirm that the attunements are even more potent when done this way!

But as a registered Reiki Teacher with the Reiki Guild, one of the UK’s largest Reiki professional bodies, I have a duty to my students. I am obliged to provide high quality and effective training – and to provide in person attunements with all students. So, how can I honour this while carrying out online training?

The Reiki attunement issue

I thought long and hard about this. In fact, it was this issue that prevented me from considering online Reiki training for so long. What could I do?

The more I sat with it and meditated on it, the more I realised that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Usui himself received the first energetic attunement while on the mountain with nobody else present. Energy and attunements are not bound by time or space. We teach this as part of Level 2 training with distance healing work. Anyone who has had a good distance healing session knows this. They will tell you that it is just as effective as in person healing. I have also experimented with trying out distance attunements myself in other energetic healing therapies. Personally, I found them more powerful than any I have had in person.

During lockdown I got around the issue by running the virtual training and doing attunements during the call. Then, for those that wanted to move to professional status, I opened up some 1:1 sessions and carried out in person attunements for them. But long term this wouldn’t be feasible from a time point of view for me.

I want to bring Reiki to as many people as possible. And I want to offer it to people all over the world – so offering 1:1 in person sessions with me wouldn’t really work.

Conversations with the Reiki Guild

So I had a conversation with my professional body in the last few weeks about this issue. We agreed that there is no reason why Reiki cannot be taught online and attunements passed during the live calls. They agreed that it would work effectively but they still stated that as a professional body, they still wouldn’t sign off professional practitioners with an online attunement.

But the thing is – Level 1 Reiki isn’t for professional use. Level 1 is all about you discovering how to harness the power of this high vibrational energy to bring healing into your own life. Reiki 1 teaches you how to live the Reiki way. It opens the door to self understanding, mindfulness, inner knowing, quiet confidence and healing!

And even beyond that – not everyone wants to be a professional! So why should I prevent people from doing Level 2 or 3 in this live online manner – if they aren’t wanting to be registered UK professionals?

Quality, effective online learning

It is a complete no-brainer. So I am now offering live online training via Zoom for those who want to learn from an experienced and respected Reiki teacher. And I will be offering it at multiple levels. In person classes will also still be in place for those who are able to travel to Belfast for them.

You see, some of the cheaper online Reiki training options out there do not offer this type of training. They give you videos and worksheet downloads and then get you to book a time for your distance attunement. You rarely get any direct contact from the teacher. I don’t believe this is an effective way to learn Reiki – and this would certainly not be accepted for anyone trying to register with a Reiki professional body.

It is important to me, to be able to offer the highest quality Reiki training that I can. At all levels – not just Level 1. I also feel that this time in our lives is significant. So many people are awakening to their spiritual potential and are turning to Reiki. It is necessary to be able to offer quality, effective training to those who want it, no matter where they are in the world.

This is why I am now offering Reiki training online. All my online classes will be live, not recorded. All students will also get an online course dashboard where they will get access to some recorded materials and workbooks for private study as well – but the main training will be LIVE, with me. I will keep online groups small in number, to ensure everyone gets the attention and training they need. The distance attunements will be carried out live during the class.

Learn Reiki Online with Rocks n Rituals – Level 1 coming up on 12th August 2023.

Benefits of online learning with me

Not everyone will want online training and that is absolutely fine. I totally understand and get that but let me list a few benefits of learning online with me in August –

  • You get quality and effective training live with me as your Reiki Master from the comfort of your own home.
  • You have the ability to begin self treating and working through your 21 day healing period immediately after the class.
  • For those doing Level 2 training, you can practise distance healing sessions. This means you can add this to your existing list of services if you are running a therapy business – definitely a good way of bringing new services to your Reiki business.
  • All training is accredited with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine so it does carry global accreditation. It is only the UK professional bodies who have an issue with attunements via Zoom. And you know what? You aren’t obliged to register with a professional body – so sit with this and make a decision that resonates with you.

Are you ready?

I hope this post has shone a little bit of light on learning Reiki online in a safe and effective way. If you have concerns or questions please do ask – I am here to help. Let’s spread the Reiki love – learning Reiki together and sending love and healing out into the world.

You can click here for Level 1 class details.

Much love, Debi

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