Honouring the Voice of your Soul

What does it mean to honour the voice of your Soul?

It is time to honour the voice of your Soul. What does that mean? For me it means listening to your inner voice and acting on the loving guidance. It is a process of learning to trust your gut. To tune into your inner teacher and divinity for the answers. Rather than looking outside of yourself, it is about looking within.

It is also about acting on that guidance. Trusting yourself to follow your heart rather than overthinking things and talking yourself out of soulful action.

It is about following your true nature and purpose. About recognising that we are all interconnected beings tapping into Source energy. And it allows you to be completely free.

How do you hear the voice of your Soul?

You need to find some quiet time. Unlike personality’s voice or the head, the Soul (or heart, if you prefer) doesn’t shout. It is a quiet voice. An inner knowing. A gentle, nurturing and guiding voice. It is your own voice. Your inner voice.

In order to hear it you need to take time to come out of your head and into your heart. You need to sit in the stillness and allow the voice to be heard.

Some people hear their Soul when they are out in nature. Or when they are expressing their creativity. For some, it is in meditation, or while reflecting or journalling.

Often it is as simple as closing your eyes and placing your hands on your heart and simply being in the moment.

It takes practice if you aren’t used to listening to it

It takes practice and discipline to have regular soul meetings. We are used to being in our heads most of the time. Rationalising and thinking things through logically. Creating plans and strategies. We don’t often tune into our hearts. Nor do we take time to simply sit with ourselves and just be.

The personality’s voice is loud and insistent. It is often fearful, painting the “what if” pictures and coming up with reasons not to follow the heart. However, our personality is needed in this physical world. It is actually created by your Soul. But instead of allowing the head to drop into the heart and allowing soul to lead, we usually allow the head to lead. And that usually causes us pain in the long run.

honour the voice of your soul

Why would we even want to honour the voice of our Soul?

How often have you said “I wish I had trusted my gut!”? Many times we know in our hearts that a certain path is the right one, but we let our heads talk us out of it.

Honouring the voice of your Soul means learning to trust and follow soul’s guidance. Encouraging your head to drop into your heart and for the two to work together in harmony. Easier said than done – right?!

We come into this world with all the knowledge and skills that we need in this lifetime. They reside in our Soul. We simply need to tap into them and remember who we are. But we forget. We spend years being indoctrinated into listening to rationality and other people. And we lose ourselves in the process.

Being brave enough to honour the voice of your Soul means you take back control. You design your life your way. And you direct, with the guidance of your inner sat nav, your own direction in life. Doing the things that feed your Soul and fulfilling your life purpose. That is why we want to honour the voice of our Soul. And that’s what Soul Food Circle is all about.

What difference does it make in your life?

When you start looking within, you uncover your true desires and reason for being here. You understand your own light and power. And you start to live life on your terms.

Doors open for you. Synchronicities happen. You find yourself in the flow of life. Even when you encounter tough times, you know you are resilient enough to bounce back – because you honour the voice of your Soul.

You finally get the courage to walk away from the things that no longer serve you. Your life takes on new meaning and purpose. And you shine your light brightly into the world. And that gives other people permission to do the same!

Imagine what a wonderful world it would be, if we all tuned into our Soul’s guidance. Instead of looking to authorities, governments, media and celebrities for validation, we would look internally for direction.

We would lean into the Source energy at our core. The divinity that each of us has within us. Radiating love, compassion and kindness.

Just imagine that for a moment – close your eyes and breathe.

Can you feel it?

Can you hear it?

That is the voice of your Soul.

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