Heart Chakra

So last time we looked at the solar plexus chakra and learned about action and will.  As we move onwards on our journey through the chakra system we come now to the softer glow of the heart chakra.
The heart chakra is located in the centre of the chest and is governed by the element of air.  The Sanskrit name of this chakra is Anahata which literally translates as “unstruck”.  Good crystals for this chakra are jade, tourmaline, emerald and rose quartz.  The chakra resonates with the colour green but pink can also be used.

As mentioned in the last article fire needs air in order to burn.  The air is supplied from our hearts.  We can use the fuel from the balanced first and second chakras to fuel the fire but we need air from the heart to keep it healthy.  We now realise that our actions have an impact on others around us and not only ourselves.  We start to realise that we are part of a larger interconnected system and if we work together in love, compassion and kindness then the world will be a better place for us all.
The heart chakra is the central chakra in the system.  We often use the phrase “let’s get to the heart of the matter” i.e. the centre or crux of the matter.  Opening our hearts and having a healthy, balanced, energised heart centre will allow us to give and receive love more easily.  We learned before in our lower chakras that we have a right to be here and a right to experience pleasure.  Now we learn to love ourselves as well as those around us for if we cannot love ourselves how can we give love to others.  This is not a reference to the sexual love of chakra 2 but a more spiritually aware love.  The heart chakra in the centre of the system connects the lower and upper chakras and it is at this point that we start to feel the soft touch of spirit.
When our heart chakra is out of balance and closed we often feel constricted – tightness in the chest, heart problems and other disorders can highlight this.  We feel suffocated sometimes and this is hardly surprising as this chakra is governed by air so if it is closed off we will feel the effects.  This chakra governs our heart and lungs so disorders in these organs can highlight a problem in this chakra.  
When the heart chakra is open we feel light and feel like we are walking on air.  We feel alive, feel good and feel eager to be part of a larger system all working together for the greater good.
Working with this chakra allows us to connect with others.  We all have the same hopes and fears and by working on this chakra we can learn to work together and connect.  Love is a unifying force which connects us all.  We all spend a large part of our lives looking for love.  We forget that we need to feel it within and love ourselves before we can find it outside.  Happiness and love come from within our hearts.  Opening this chakra allows us to breathe live and love into our lives and allows us to soar to new heights.
Working with pink or green colours either in food, baths, clothes or coloured glasses can all help to balance this chakra.  Breathing exercises focussing on the breath entering and leaving your body can also help as this chakra is governed by the element of air.  Doing the breast stroke while swimming can open up the chest and open this chakra.  Hugging is also a fantastic way of opening this chakra and giving and receiving love – after all you can’t give a hug without getting one back!
Next time we will move on to the throat chakra and look at how communication and sound are a massive part of our daily lives.

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