Healing with Mother Nature

Healing with Mother Nature – An Inspirational Story

Something a little different this week! This week I had the pleasure of chatting with the lovely Betz from Enchanted Dream Gardens. It is an inspirational story of how healing with mother nature has opened up a fascinating new world for her.

Betz helps sensitive souls who are disenchanted with the hustle and uncertainty of the modern world find healing, joy, and connection with Mother Nature by envisioning, planning, and building the magical enchanted garden of their dreams.

Surviving Brain Surgery

She is a three-time brain tumour survivor. Betz spent 25 years in New York City as a corporate Environmental Scientist. It was a very high-paced and high-pressure environment. After the third brain surgery, she needed a slower pace of life and moved to Charleston, SC.

And guess what – insects saved her! She found deep healing with Mother Nature. Particularly by watching insects and gardening. She discovered that she needed natural pollinators in order to grow her own food. But they are in decline due to the spraying of chemicals which leads to habitat loss.

Slowing down and learning

She wants to help by teaching others to slow down and heal. To help people have their own organic, regenerative gardens, with vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Because she has a dream to create impact. She wants to help thousands of people to stop spraying chemicals on their yards. To stop these chemicals entering our water systems and destroying our health. And she wants to see thousands of people growing at least some of their own food. Or planting host species for butterflies (particularly monarch butterflies), and planting native plant species as food for bees and other pollinators and birds.

You can listen to me chat with her on this week’s pod which you can find here.

If you’d prefer to read a transcript of the interview, I have included a link to it here and in the show notes.

Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts and please do follow Betz on Instagram and check out the fabulous photos on her website www.enchanteddreamgardens.com which is currently being built.

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