Croatia to Costa Rica – A Courageous Story

Croatia to Costa Rica

Imagine having the courage to totally change your life. To move across the world, from Croatia to Costa Rica for love. This is exactly what my guest on Soul Food Nibbles is talking to me about this week.

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Barbara Jukopila who now lives in Costa Rica. But she didn’t always live there. She is Croatian and until 4 years ago, she was working as a successful film producer in Zagreb.

Film Producer to Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Alongside her busy film career she also taught yoga and meditation. She was beginning to feel called to experience a new way of life. During a 3 week period, when she went travelling with a friend, she met a man. And she fell in love. Somehow the universe brought them together and this was the start of her new life.

For a year they had a long distance relationship. Travelling to see each other in Costa Rica and Croatia. But then it was time to make a decision. Did she stay put and keep her successful career and lifestyle in Zagreb, or would she be brave enough to move across the world and start a new life in Costa Rica?

Barbara Jukopila

Courage to follow your heart

Barbara was brave and followed her heart. She is now happily married and they have a beautiful 1 year old boy together. Living totally connected to nature in a seaside town in Costa Rica, she is immersed in nature every day. Surfing and yoga are daily aspects of life there and she simply glows with such a beautiful radiance.

I am sure you will find her story inspiring. To face a challenge of uprooting your life to move to a country where you don’t speak the language is totally daunting! Barbara said if her story inspires just one person to make a change then she is happy.

Listening to the call of your Soul

And you know what? You don’t have to move across the world to make a change. It simply starts with deciding that today is the day you become the driver of your life, rather than the passenger. That today is the day you take responsibility for your own happiness. And begin to heal, so you can have the freedom you crave. To trust where you are being led and to listen to the call of your Soul.

Listen to her story here on this week’s episode of Soul Food Nibbles.

You can follow Barbara on Facebook here or find her on Instagram here.

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