Brow Chakra

We are approaching the end of our journey through the chakra system as we now reach the brow or third eye chakra.  This chakra is located in the forehead between and just above the eyes.  It corresponds with indigo and its Sanskrit name is Ajna which literally means to perceive or to command.  The upper chakras do not necessarily have an element associated with them like the lower ones do as the upper ones are all covered by Spirit but I think it would be a safe assumption to say that this chakra would be governed by light.
Its function is seeing and intuition.  It governs the eyes and malfunction of this chakra can be indicated with physical issues such as blindness, headaches, eye strain and blurred vision.  Nightmares may also be present if this chakra is not functioning well.  Good crystals for this chakra are lapis lazuli, quartz and amethyst.  You may find that lying with a piece of amethyst on your brow chakra can help alleviate headaches and can also promote insightful dreams.
We use our eyes to see and perceive the world around us.  This may be one of the most important of our senses and one which we often take for granted.  It is not our eyes though that are actually doing the seeing.  Light penetrates our eyes and is then processed by the back of the eye.  Light does not pass into our brains but instead the impression of the light on the back of our eyes is processed by the brain into recognisable shapes and images.  We are therefore using our internal organ, the brain, in order to perceive the world around us, thanks to the light passing in from our eyes.
Our brow chakra when functioning well and in balance can help us improve our intuition and our second sight.  By working with this chakra we can learn to “see” images in our mind’s eye and perhaps develop our gift of clairvoyance in some cases.  We have already seen that we “see” with our brains and not our eyes so why should we shy away from trying to use our intuition and mind’s eye in order to process other information which is all around us?  Our intuition helps us read between the lines as such and gives us deeper insight.  

The Sanskrit name Ajna which is translated above shows us also the dual nature of this chakra.  To perceive was the original translation and this is easy to see – we perceive, we see.  The later translation then was “to command”.  We can command our thoughts and images that we perceive into our reality.  We can visualise an outcome and then command it into being.  Have you ever visualised something and then it has happened?  Your first response may be “no”.  Think about it, you wake up and it is not the nicest of days.  You are visualising all the things that could go wrong with your day and you get up thinking and visualising “this is going to be a bad day”.  9 times out of 10 you will then go on and experience a “bad day”.  This is because the law of attraction in the universe will match the frequency of your thoughts and your visualisations and you will get what you give out. Next time you feel like this perhaps try and visualise a more positive outcome.  A smile from a colleague.  A kind word from your boss.  A helpful stranger holding a door open for you.  As you become more practised at visualising these simple things you will notice that they start to manifest in your life.
You can take this a step further and start to use your brow chakra to visualise more complex things which you want to bring to your life. Meditate daily.  Use guided visualisation meditations to help you develop your skills.  People often say “oh I can’t visualise things – it is too hard!”.  Start by closing your eyes and imagining your kitchen for example or your bedroom.  Try to imagine how it looks without opening your eyes.  As you practice this you will find it becomes easier.  Imagine looking at it as if you were looking in from the outside, as you get better at holding the image in your mind then start to think about the colours you see.  What colour is your room – can you see the colour or can you just feel it perhaps?  Is it a cool blue or a fiery red?  Keep practising for a few minutes every day and you will soon notice that your skills build and you can imagine things more clearly.  This will help develop your brow chakra and allow you then to visualise and manifest things more clearly.
Other exercises you can do to work with this chakra to develop your intuition and visualisation skills are detailed below: –
1. Meditate.  Imagine a blank screen in your mind’s eye.  Ask a question and focus on your breathing just allowing your mind to clear and the screen to come into focus.  You may find words or images appear on the screen in your mind.  Keep a notepad handly and write down anything that comes to mind during your meditation.  The images or words may not mean anything now but perhaps in a day or two or later that month you may find that it all makes sense.
2. Photo Blink.  Place a photograph of someone opposite you about 6-10 feet away and then close your eyes and allow yourself to relax and become grounded.  When you are ready open and close your eyes quickly (like the opposite of a blink) so you only get a glimpse of the photograph.  What do you notice about the image in your mind.  Do you see an image?  Are there characteristics you can make out?  Are there colours?  Does anything fade quickly or does anything linger?  This exercise can help you discern aura characteristics and the strengths and weaknesses of a person’s aura.
Next time we will look at the last chakra, the crown chakra.  Love, light and blessings and happy visualising!

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