Behind the Scenes at Rocks n Rituals

Behind the scenes at Rocks n Rituals

This week I thought I would give you a peek behind the scenes at Rocks n Rituals. February has been a crazy month. Full of insights, a-ha moments, and a fair bit of overwhelm too if I’m honest. I think it is super important to be open and transparent with you. After all, just because I am a Reiki teacher and spiritual business owner, doesn’t mean I always have my own shit together! We are all human.

Changing priorities

As you may know, last year I took a part-time job alongside my business. This was because I was looking after my mum who was very poorly at the time. I needed to know money would find its way into the bank without me worrying about how it was coming in. It was simply one less thing to worry about. And it allowed me to ease my foot, slightly, off the gas pedal with Rocks n Rituals. And if I’m 100% honest – fear crept in. I had a new house to pay for and some student contracts and courses had come to an end around the same time.

The part time job was a good thing, and a bad thing. Good because I had a steady income to help pay my new mortgage. Bad, because it made me less driven in my own business. Total honesty here – you always get that with me. When you have a part-time job alongside a business something always suffers. And with a steady income, I didn’t need to try so hard.

Looks can be deceiving

Now, you may think to yourself that you didn’t notice much of a change. And from the outside I suppose there wasn’t much to see. The weekly live musing videos stopped and I stepped back from St John Ambulance duties but otherwise the business kept going. I kept posting content and was still teaching Reiki. Still running Tarot circles. And building Soul Food Circle my new membership community.

Wake Up Call

When mum passed away on 16th December I had choices to make. It gave me a wake-up call. Did I really want to be an administrator in a law firm? Or did I truly want to be the entrepreneur I really am? The artist I truly am? And the teacher I really am? I knew the answer.

So, at the end of January I handed my notice in. I’m leaving tomorrow, 28th February 2023. And it is exciting and terrifying all at once.

My lizard brain is freaking out. All sorts of fears and limiting beliefs are coming up. Thoughts like, what if nobody ever books into a Reiki class again?! What if you don’t make enough money to pay the mortgage? And even worse, thoughts like who on earth do you think you are to be an entrepreneur?!

Wow – isn’t it funny how our minds can be so negative?

Of course, as a human being I have all these concerns. At the end of the day we are in a strange time globally – with wars, recession and hatred seeming to be at an all time high. A quick look at the headlines is enough to make you want to disappear under your duvet and never come out again!

Bravery and Courage

So what did I do instead?

I invested some money back into the business. Yes, that’s right. I joined my business mentor’s inner circle, BBS. I’ve been in Desislava Dobreva’s world since August last year. Her audaciously bold style, straight-talking tough love and fabulous cats had me hooked from the moment I saw her ad for “Amplify”.

I joined her Recurring Revenue programme in August 2022 and slowly began designing the concept for Soul Food Circle. With her guidance and training I discovered where I could improve. What needed to change and how to get a fledging new membership off the ground.

As you may know I already had Mystical Moon Days up and running – my Tarot circle, so the basic concept was already proven. I had started The Reiki Solution, just before I found Des, and it was a work in progress but again, was proving the concept that people love to be with other like-minded people, learning and growing in confidence.

I wanted to put all my favourite things into one place. And to make it an inner circle of confidence, love and support for my members. A place where they could build connections with each other. Somewhere to ask questions and learn. A sacred space for healing and self-development. And so Soul Food Circle was born.

Join Soul Food Circle

Losing Mum and Running a Business

The founding member launch was in progress, events were planned and founding members were taking their spots. And then mum died.

Everything was put on hold. Obviously.

My members were amazing, giving me the space I needed not to mention love and support. Despite me not being in the driving seat, the founding member launch actually sold out. I couldn’t quite believe was going on around me. It may well go down in history as one of the most surreal times of my life.

I had spent 10 days with my mum in hospital and then the last 26 hours of her life by her side. I had the honour and privilege of sitting with her, just her and I, as she took her last breath in this world. My shamanic training helped as I carried out ceremony and rituals for her to ease her passing. And the love and support that surrounded me afterwards was simply beautiful – you all know who you are.

Christmas came and went and then the New Year started. It was at this point that I had to make the decisions to fully re-commit to Rocks n Rituals. And so I have.

Re-committing to Rocks n Rituals

Just last week I took part in Des’ latest content challenge – The In Demand Brand. And I stepped up and made an application to join her inner circle. After all, if I can’t invest in myself and my business, how can I ever expect others to invest in me?!

I am so grateful that she accepted me into her community. BBS is her sacred inner circle so not everyone gets in. I honestly feel blessed.

Already I feel so welcome and part of an extended family. It is demonstrating to me how a thriving, engaged and successful membership community can be. I have so much to learn – and it does feel overwhelming. But you know what? Life always has moments of overwhelm. The secret is to look the tiger in the eye – and take action.

So here we are behind the scenes. For the next month or more I will be integrating what I am learning in BBS. Expect to see some brand new offers. Look for the improvements to the services I offer. Engage with the content and conversations I start in our groups and on social media. And most importantly – get on the waiting list for the public launch of Soul Food Circle in April.

I had fully intended to open the doors again in March but I want to make some changes inside. So the founding members and I are working hard to do that. New things are coming and it is so exciting!

We now have a book club and are reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. I have some guest experts lined up for masterclasses. And I am working on some new structures and levels of membership to make things easier to navigate.

One day at a time

I am committing to one day at a time. I could so easily get overwhelmed and overexcited by all the plans. And all the things I need to learn! Not to mention getting my head fully back in the self employed game. So one day at a time. I will be spending the rest of this week reorganising my office, books and filing. Sorting my digital and paper files and generally sorting my shit!

Then I will lean into my habits – good organisation. Time slots put in the diary for work to be done. And plenty of time to read, paint and get outdoors. Spring is in the air!

Share your tips with me – how do you cope when life gets busy?

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  1. Donna

    Life can throw rocks at us but our inner strength helps us break through them .

    1. RocksNRituals

      Absolutely! Building resilience and inner strength is so important. Reiki helped me with that – gives me a still point and anchor to hold on to when things get tough!

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