Be mindful & pick your battles!

I’ve picked 3 Tarot cards for you this week as the weekly musings return once again. The message is clear – be mindful and pick your battles!

5 Swords, 3 Rods and the Star Tarot Cards

Pick your Battles

The 5 of Swords steps in this week to remind us to be careful with our words and reactions. A victory is hollow when we hurt other people. Be mindful of your words and allow yourself to respond rather than react.

Be mindful, because sometimes people like to yank our chains! Like the jester in the background, sometimes people press our buttons. They do what they can to provoke a reaction from you. Step into your own power and take a breath. Pick your battles and respond carefully, from a place of love and compassion, and this will stand you in good stead this week!

Swords are all about your thoughts and communication. Words can harm or heal. Be mindful – what is your inner dialogue like right now? Are you being kind to yourself and others?

For those of you Reiki attuned, you may find it beneficial to lean into your Reiki principles. Just for today – do not anger!

Accept Recognition and Compliments

The 6 of Rods reminds us to move forward with grace and poise. Another card asking us to be mindfully aware of how we accept compliments. Asking us to be mindful of those who help us on the way up. We can certainly ride to victory but please be gracious as you do so.

It is also absolutely essential that you recognise all your efforts. Be proud of yourself for how far you have come. This card serves to remind us that after a period of conflict or upset, we can move forward with our heads held high.

Don’t be afraid to be recognised publicly for who you are. I spoke about this with my members in Soul Food Circle at the weekend. We discussed Imposter Syndrome and how any disconnect between our personal life and public life can lead to feelings of being an imposter.

Take a look at your life – are there any areas where you are afraid of being exposed? If someone was to splash your life over the newspapers what would make you cringe? Perhaps this card is asking that we work on those areas to heal what needs healed. And then we can move forward with grace and not be worried about anyone exposing the skeletons in our closet?

Hope and Spirituality

The Star sweeps in to bring hope and spirituality to our reading this week. We are reminded to always look up to the stars.

When we get caught up in the minutiae of life we sometimes forget to take a breath and look up. To see the expanse of the beauty of the stars above us. We need to do this – to remember our place as cosmic beings in this universe.

We are made of star stuff! Recognise the brilliance and abundance of the stars. Allow the light from billions of years ago enter your eyes as you look to the night sky. Feel the spirituality as you breathe in this beauty.

Tap into your intuition, lean into your spiritual tools and enjoy the peace and calm that the Star brings.

When you begin to navigate your life with hope, intuition and spirituality – you find a deep ocean of peace inside yourself. It is like coming home.

Have a beautiful week! Let me know in the comments what brings you peace and if these cards resonate with you this week.

Much love as always, Debi

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