The 5 Elements of Reiki

The 5 elements of Reiki

The 5 elements of Reiki help us understand that Reiki is not just something you do. I always say to my students that you don’t DO Reiki, you ARE Reiki.

This is something which is often overlooked and skimmed over. When you truly understand the 5 elements of Reiki and what it means, then you can find the healing transformation you have been looking for.

Finding Reiki

Many people sign up for Reiki classes without really knowing what it is all about. I was the same when I first trained. I thought it was a healing therapy I could use to help me build my new therapy business back in 2010.

12 years later I have a much deeper understanding and knowledge of Reiki. I have spent the best part of the last decade reading, learning and practising Reiki on a daily basis.

It is my mission to introduce as many people as possible to this life changing practice. I can’t say it loud enough – Reiki is not something you DO – it is something you ARE. The ultimate goal of Reiki is to BE REIKI!

Reiki Session

So what are these 5 elements I have talked about?

The first is the precepts. The principles of Reiki. They are the ultimate foundation of the practice. I even wrote a short book about them several years ago called The Reiki Solution.

Here is a translation of the precepts taken from Usui’s own manuals: –

“The secret art of inviting happiness
The spiritual medicine of all diseases (of body and mind)
Just for today, do not be angry
Do not be worried and be filled with gratitude
Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people
Every morning and evening sit in the Gassho position,
Pray these words to your heart
And chant these words with your mouth
Usui Reiki treatment for the improvement of body and mind”

I spend quite a bit of time in class talking about these precepts. And I am not going to spend this entire pod talking about them except to say – if you really begin to live your life by these principles, then you truly begin to heal and experience transformation.

Breathing and Meditation

The second element is specific breathing and meditation techniques. These practices are introduced at Level 1 Reiki and are continued up to Master level.

They require disciplined practice on a daily basis. It involves the right body, the right mind and the right breath. Frans Stiene talks about “mind, body, speech” in his new book “The Way of Reiki – the Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui“. I wholeheartedly recommend you read this excellent book to gain a deeper understanding of Reiki and its beauty.

“The body is the vehicle for our mind and energy. Speech is also energy and breath; they are in essence one and the same. Body, mind and energy are interlinked; for example to calm our mind we first need to adjust our body and energy. Our mind depends on our energy and our energy depends on our physical body.” – Excerpt from Frans Stiene’s book, The Reiki Way – The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui.

Hands on/off healing

The third element is hands on/off healing. At level 1 we focus on self healing techniques. These are massively important. Sometimes people want to rush through this part and get on to helping others. But until we really learn how the energy feels for ourselves, and until we are totally at ease with self healing, we are doing a disservice to others if we jump ahead. It is important to take the time to really lean into the energy. To allow it to work with you and for you, before you work to heal others.

Level 2 introduces the healing for others but self healing is still massively important right up to Master level and beyond. I still give myself Reiki on a daily basis. It is an integral part of the practice.

Symbols and Mantras

The fourth element is the symbols and mantras. These are introduced at Level 2 Reiki and are again, often overlooked as just symbols. But it is the mantras that open the symbols up. The act of chanting from the hara, the lower abdomenal area where the Reiki energy is stored, works to release energy and helps you unlock the sacred symbols.

Reiju & Attunement

The fifth element is the Reiju empowerment, often called the attunement in Western society. It involves the opening of the energy body to receive and channel Reiki energy.

Reiki is passed from Master to student in a ceremonial manner and the Reiju empowerment forms part of that process along with the teachings and guidance from Usui.

The Reiki System

Hopefully you can see from this short introduction that Reiki is far more than just some therapy that helps other people. When you allow it in, and use it as Usui intended, it is a way of life.

You begin to appreciate the need for discipline and structure in your spiritual practice. The magic of the right body, right breath and right mind to bring about transformational healing. And the wonder of experiencing the form and formlessness of energy and spirit as you work.

For me, Reiki has been a life saver and a game changer. Without it, I would not be the person I am today.

Please do grab a copy of Frans Steine’s latest book – The Way of Reiki, The Inner Teachings of Mikao Usui. His writing and teachings are some of the most moving and honest I have had the pleasure of encountering. I had this book on pre-order and it is one of his best yet.

It will deepen your knowledge if you are already a Reiki practitioner. And if you are new to Reiki it will certainly open the door and let you peak inside a wonderfully healing system. Maybe when you are ready you can get in touch with me and I will gladly help you learn for yourself.

Upcoming Classes

Level 1 Reiki will be taking place in Belfast on 14th January 2023, with Level 2 on 25th February 2023. Courses run regularly throughout the year and Reiki Master courses run once a year. Make sure you are on the mailing list to be kept informed or email me at for more details.

Next week I want to chat a little about the Tarot and how it can help your creativity and personal development, as well as shining the light when you get stuck and don’t know which way to turn.

Much love as always, Debi

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