Why discover Shamanism?

Every human being has the ability to discover Shamanism. It is the oldest universal, cross-cultural healing practice and tradition of mankind. Shamanism has been practised across the world for thousands of years. And despite slight differences in specific practices between cultures, there are remarkable similarities when you compare the practice across the world.

Shamanic practice woman drumming
Shamanic Drumming

Shamanism is a living practice which evolves and changes over time. It is just as relevant today in our modern world as it was historically, when indigenous people lived in hunter gatherer societies.

Discover Shamanism – Direct Revelation

Shamanism is a true path of direct revelation. What this means is that there is no middle man. There are no rules or dogma to strictly adhere to. You get a personal and direct experience of shamanism as you practice it.

Yes, there are guidelines and there is advice on practising safely. But unlike organised religion, there is no intermediary between you and the helping spirits. You have direct and totally personalised experience of the Otherworld each time you journey.

Connection to Nature

Shamanism is, in a nutshell, the art of connecting deeply to nature. As a human being you are not separate from nature. You are an intrinsic part of nature. This is something that modern man has forgotten. We often see ourselves as separate from the natural world. And we do not recognise that we are deeply connected and form part of this world.

When we learn to connect to the earth and nature, we discover ourselves. Recognising that when we harm the earth, we harm ourselves.

Do you remember the out-pouring of grief, anger and angst about the fires in the Amazon? The lungs of our planet. Then such grief about the loss of life in the Australian bush fires? The suffocating smoke, the damage to our planet’s lungs? And then we faced a global pandemic. A virus that attacks our human lungs. This was not a coincidence.

Animism – All is Alive

From a Shamanic point of view everything is connected and everything has a spirit. Everything is alive. From a quantum physics point of view, everything is energy.

The energy behind our emotions is powerful. Our thoughts become things. Emotional energy can heal or harm. We have total responsibility to each other as interconnected human beings to deeply remember who we are and why we are here. It is time to remember our connection to the earth. And to recognise our responsibility to protect nature, and therefore protect ourselves.

The global pandemic has shifted perspectives. People are beginning to wake up and realise that clean water, fresh air and good health is the most important thing.Not consumerism, capitalism and the incessant drive for more material wealth.

Shamanism is a way of life. Shamanic practice allows you to connect with yourself in the most profound way possible. You learn to journey to non-ordinary reality. To form relationships with the helping spirits all around you so that you can heal yourself and others.

Illness from a Shamanic Point of View

From a Shamanic point of view, illness is caused by spiritual imbalance. Loss of power, soul loss and intrusions. The Shamanic Practitioner can journey for assistance in resolving these issues. And through ceremony and healing practice, can restore lost power & lost soul fragments. They can remove intrusions and help to restore balance to mind, body and spirit.

Shamanic Practitioners work from sacred space, using drums, rattles and other tools to enter the dream-time or non-ordinary reality. They work with helping spirits such as Power Animals, the elements, nature spirits and Ancestral Guides to understand how to restore balance.

Whilst we modern practitioners do not practice in the same way as our ancestors did, we use the power of Shamanic practice. We adapt the ceremonies and rituals to fit in with our modern way of life. This is why Shamanism is so important now. It evolves and adapts to meet the needs of the community. We need it more than ever now.

Are you ready to discover Shamanism?

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