Slow down to speed up

Slow down to speed up

This week I consulted the cards for advice. My question? Life is increasingly busy. More and more things are being added to my to do list. How on earth do I juggle all the balls and stay sane? How do I slow down to speed up?

I bet this is a question you have asked yourself too at some point. The cosmic energy is intense just now. Spiritual awakenings, 5D awareness, and spontaneous heart opening. Alongside the chaos of the physical world. It seems as if there are so many things on our plates just now. It feels like life is on hyperdrive. Speeding along. How do we slow down?

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

Personally, it feels as if I am being bombarded with “stuff”. Things that are taking my time and energy. Responsibilities and duties which have to be dealt with. And my personal priorities are getting pushed further down the list. Sound familiar?

I used Wisdom of the Hidden Realms this week. If you follow the musings, you know I call upon these cards regularly. They are my “go to” when times are tough.

Cards from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Deck

The Lady of Lightning

This card indicates that life is about to shift. Imminent change is upon us. You can feel that in the air, can’t you? It is as if everything is in chaos and flux just now. But this card asks us to flow with it. The paradigm shift is coming. This chaos is needed to clear out the old energy. And that will make way for the new.

OK, fair enough. How do we hang in there when it’s all going nuts around us? Personally, I need to carve out some silence in my day. Even for 2 or 3 minutes. I find early mornings are best for that. Or when you get the house to yourself and can enjoy the quiet.

Find some quiet time

This morning I sat and allowed myself to simply focus on my breath. It was so quiet in the house. Teenagers still asleep, everyone else out at work. Blissful peace.

When you focus on the silence it allows you to tune into your soul. The ego and personality gradually quieten down. And you get some space and detachment from all the roles and responsibilities in your lie. It is like hitting the reset button. When you take the time to put this energy into your day, you reap the benefits.

Gaia’s Garden

The second card speaks of the abundance of nature. Reaping what you sow and allowing things to come to fruition. So again we can see a theme of what we put in, we get out.

Nature doesn’t hurry. Everything happens as it is meant to, in its own sweet time. We can’t control Mother Nature. We are part of nature, not separate from it. When we realise this and learn to work in seasons and cycles, life shifts.

Seasons change

So, this period of chaos is a season. It will pass. The advice being to trust the process and go with the flow. Additionally, ground your energy. When life gets fast, we sometimes forget to slow down and ground ourselves.

This brings us back to the simple task of taking a few minutes to breathe. To stop, relish the silence and reset. We don’t need to always be “on”. With our phones and tech it is hard to switch off. This card reminds us to step out into nature. To reconnect with the beauty around us. And to take time to recharge.

The Ringmaster of Scrutiny

This card is all about discernment. Paying attention to the small details and having a clear vision. Again, when we are busy, our thinking gets muddled. Brain fog sets in and we make mistakes. I know this all too well!

I’ve double booked myself, forgotten simple tasks and even had a little bump when driving the ambulance recently. All because I had too much on my plate and I wasn’t thinking clearly.

This card again asks us to slow down. Take time to scrutinise the details of our life. Create a clear vision for what you want to get out of the day. And then pay attention and be mindful as you go about the day.

Be Here Now

It reminds us to take one day at a time. To be present. Are you present now? Check in with your breathing. Is it shallow or deep? How are you sitting or standing – is your posture good? Are you thinking about these words or something else?

It is challenging to slow down when we are busy. We think we won’t get our tasks done if we slow up. But actually, what happens is that we get MORE done when we slow down. By taking measured action, thoughtfully and mindfully, we actually get more done. You slow down to speed up.

When you try to do multiple things at once you don’t really succeed. Things are missed, and mistakes are made. Focusing on one task at a time and paying attention to the details really helps. Trust me! I have to focus on one thing at a time nowadays, otherwise it all goes to pot!


So, the cards tell us we are in a period of imminent change. To remember that we reap what we sow. And to be discerning and pay attention. The message is clear. Slow down to speed up. Be present. Allow yourself time to breathe and reset in silence. Yes, life is in flux and chaos but it will pass. Hold on to your clear vision of what you want out of life. And give yourself permission to do one small thing everyday to move you towards your dream.

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See you next week!

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