Pentacles – Passion and Purpose!

This week is all about the money! We have 3 cards from the suit of Pentacles in play – what abundant energy!! It is time to step into your passion and purpose!

Pentacles - Passion and Purpose, 3 cards from the Light Seers Tarot

7 of Pentacles

First up we have the 7 of Pentacles. This beautiful card from the Light Seers Tarot Deck depicts a young man meditating and focusing healing energy into the earth. Strong roots are growing and are secured into the earth by 7 colourful pentacles – disks or coins. A small, sturdy tree-like plant is growing up from the soil.

It is a beautifully stable card. A reminder that the seeds you have planted are growing. Even if you can’t quite see that yet. All your hard work is paying off. It is a reminder not to lose faith. Hang in there – you have done the work and the pay off is imminent. Earth energy is slow moving. We plant seeds and they need to incubate in the safety of the earth. They are kept warm in her womb, safe from the frosts. And when the time is right, the green shoots appear from the earth and the plant begins to grow.

Your projects and dreams are the same. Whatever you have been working on and nurturing is growing. The roots are strong. If you are feeling any lack of energy this is simply residual energy that needs to be composted and worked through.

Check in and plan ahead

This is also an important check in time. You can only reach a destination once you decide where it is that you want to go! So check in – are you still happy with your chosen destination. Are you still moving in the direction of your dreams or are you sabotaging yourself in any way? Do you have a clear direction?

This is a potent time for planning for the coming year. Personally, as a business owner, this is my favourite time of year. I get to sit with my planner and work out how I want the next 12 months to be. It is exciting and invigorating planting the seeds. But they need focus and nurturing too. The card shows the young man focusing his energy into the plant. He hasn’t abandoned it -he is trusting it will grow.

He is supporting the growth with focused attention and intention. Where is your focus? Take a moment to reflect and pause. Check in on your journey so far and adjust the course as needed. Make sure you have the support and guidance you need so that you can continue to grow and your dreams begin to blossom.

Queen of Pentacles

Next up we have the Queen of Pentacles. She has such a grounded, healing vibe. The card depicts a woman sitting on a luxurious soft seat out in the lush, green forest. Her eyes are closed and small branches reach out from her headwear – reaching up to the tree beside her. The Queen is holding a large golden pentacle in her hand – serene and relaxed. She looks like she is perhaps meditating or visualising.

She is a self made Queen. Full of abundance and success. She has worked hard to get where she is and she is deserving of the success she has. She sees abundance as more than just financial wealth, although that is a significant part of it. For her, abundance means being healthy and well. Having an abundance of freedom. An abundance of gratitude.

She has all her creature comforts. She is safe. Secure. Protected. She has a warm, down to earth quality that invites a sense of safety and stability. She showers people with love and compassion from her charitable heart. And she steps fully into her position in the upper ranks as a self made wealthy woman – in all senses.

Step into your passion and purpose

She reminds you to do the same. You are safe. Let go of any fear of instability or scarcity mindset. Abundance is all around you and you are worthy and able to tap into it. The message here is to shift your mindset from lack to abundance. Allow yourself to examine your thoughts and beliefs on wealth. Let go of any feelings of guilt or shame – you are allowed to be happy, healthy, wealthy and free!

There is enough fear and drama in the world without you adding to it. As you step into your own power, you will naturally become more stable and abundant. And that energy ripples out into the world. You can serve and help more people that way. Stop playing small – you are a powerful Creator. Step into that role.

4 of Pentacles

And finally we have the 4 of Pentacles. Another reminder that you are safe and stable. You have enough. This card again depicts a woman with her eyes closed. Her hair swept up inside a headscarf. She wears a red dress and sits safely behind her fence, holding on to her handbag which is full of coins.

It is a reminder that you have enough and you are enough. But don’t hold on too tight. There is a danger of falling prey to scarcity mindset and that is a sure fire way to lose money. We get what we put out into the world. So if we put out fear and worry that we don’t have enough then that is exactly what returns to us. So why not flip it on its head.

For sure, take a look at your finances and make sure you are not over-extending yourself or living beyond your means. But don’t become miserly or fearful. We are privileged people. If you are reading this blog or watching the associated video then you have an internet connection. You have a roof over your head. And food in your belly. You are safe and abundant. Always look for the blessings in life. Remember to have an attitude of gratitude.

From that space you can share your wealth and abundance and fully step into the role of Queen of Pentacles.

Exciting times ahead!

Some exciting things ahead this week. I feel once the full moon eclipse takes place at the weekend and we step into Samhain and on into November next week, there will be a shift of energy. Be ready for it. Invest in yourself. Take time out for self care and nurturing. Make sure you are heading in the direction of your dreams and set your course for 2024. Now is the time. Plant those seeds. Step into your true power and purpose. And be grateful for the many blessings around you.

Have a fantastic week!


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