Communication, Diligence & Intuition

Communication, Diligence and Intuition!

My first impression this week as I turn the cards is communication, diligence and intuition. We have the Lovers, the Three of Pentacles and the Ace of Wands. This is an action phase in our lives. It is time to honour our feelings. Time to listen to the voice of intuition. And to take our passion and apply it diligently in the direction of our dreams!

Cards from the Radiant Rider Waite Deck - The Lovers, Three of Pentacles and Ace of Wands
Cards from the Radiant Rider Waite deck

The Lovers

This card depicts a man and woman standing naked in the Garden of Eden. The tree of knowledge to one side. And the tree of life to other. A mountain behind and between them stands as a phallic symbol. A great angel looks down on them and the sun shines. There is also a cloud between the characters.

So what does all this mean? The Lovers is a Major Arcana card. This means it represents significant events in our lives. This is a time where you need to follow your heart. Tune into the bigger picture of your life.

As I look at the card, I see the cloud more clearly than normal. Has there been confusion surrounding you lately? Are you struggling to articulate what is going on in your heart and mind?

The Lovers is a Gemini card and is ruled by Mercury. I feel it is time to take notice of what major themes are coming up for you now. Look at your communication with yourself and others. Listen more. Lean into your heart. Place your hands on your heart and breathe deeply. What does your Soul say to you?

You may have some deeply emotional choices to make this week. Trust your gut. Don’t be swayed by those around you. Give yourself time to allow confusion to clear. Meditate. Journal. Take some time out in nature. Listen to your Soul.

Three of Pentacles

This card depicts a skilled person hard at work. Two people are chatting with them – perhaps to seek them out for their skill. Are you being head-hunted just now? Perhaps you are finally being recognised for all your hard work.

This card often indicates that your expertise in a particular area is becoming known. Is it time to put yourself out there? Come out of the spiritual closet maybe and shine your light?

Sometimes it can be daunting when people seek you out. Your imposter syndrome goes into overdrive! The negative ninny brigage in your head gets quite loud.

Take a breath. You have been working diligently. Honing your skills. Learning your craft. You are worthy. Believe that you can do it!

Using the communication skills from the Lovers, listen to your heart. Tune into the bigger picture of your life. It is time to diligently apply yourself in the direction of your dreams! Just like last week – you are reminded – the time is now!

Ace of Wands

The suits of wands is all about passion and intensity. But it is also about intuition. Our passions arise when we follow our gut. What is your gut telling you?

This card depicts a hand coming out of the sky. It glows with energy and clutches a large wooden wand. The wand has green leaves, symbolising new growth. The sky is blue. There is a castle in the distance, green rolling hills and far off mountains. A calm river gently meanders through the trees.

This card represents eureka moments. Remember last week we spoke about asking “how”. This is your answer. Your intuition will guide you along the right path. But it can’t do it alone.

You need to take action on your gut feelings. What are you being guided to do? Is it time to finally start that new business? Perhaps you are about to embark on an exciting new project.

It is normal to feel nervous. But change is needed to keep things fresh. And to keep you feeling alive!


In short, the cards remind us to communicate clearly this week. To tune into our intuition. Connect the dots. Take time to put your diligent plan of action into place. And use the spark from the Ace of Wands to light your fire.

Be brave! Communication, diligence and intuition are the keywords for this week.

Share your thoughts and actions in the comments as the week goes on. I’ll see you again next week!

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