Stress Management

Too much stress can become a problem and indeed is one of the major issues in today’s hectic lifestyle in the world

Each of us has to deal with various levels of stress on a daily basis. Some stress is good for you in that it helps you perform better at work or helps keep you motivated and on top of things. However, too much stress can become a problem and indeed is one of the major issues in today’s hectic lifestyle in the Western world, causing all sorts of problems from headaches and tummy upsets to more serious problems such as depression and possibly even contributing to heart conditions. Take our quick survey to see if you are suffering from stress! Click here to complete the survey now (opens in a new window)

Stress can impact on our health in all sorts of ways and on all levels from the physical to the mental. Here are just a few of the symptoms:

  • Body: headaches, frequent or recurring infections, tight muscles, fatigue, skin irritations, stomach disorders, urinary tract problems and many more
  • Emotion: loss of confidence, irritability, depression, anxiety, apathy, apprehension, being overly fussy
  • Mind: muddled thinking, indecisiveness, worrying, impaired judgement, nightmares, negativity, hasty decision making
  • Behaviour: accident prone, loss of sex drive, insomnia, loss of appetite, drinking more, smoking more

Go from Stressed to Relaxed & In Control!

Stress Management 6 Week Personalised Programme only £99! This 6 week programme offers you the following:

  • 6 x one-to-one tailored 1 hour appointments with Debi Barr, Stress Management Counsellor
  • A personalised plan to combat your stress
  • Achievable goals with clearly defined actions you can take to manage your stress
  • Breathing techniques, Mindful Meditation, Journalling & Reiki Sessions to help you relax and stay in control

If you are stressed it makes sense to learn how to manage it and where possible, to reduce it. Debi will work with you to help you understand the source and cause of your stress. She will teach you specific and proven techniques that help you re-train how you perceive your situation and therefore reduce the stress you feel. She will take you through exercises and treatments that will bring about a sense of relaxation and calm. Together you will work with Debi to take back control of your life and become happier, healthier and less stressed.

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