Shamanic Training

Shamanism is the oldest universal healing practice 

What is Shamanism and why learn about it?

Shamanism is the oldest universal, cross-cultural healing practice and tradition of mankind. Shamanism has been practised across the world for thousands of years and despite slight differences in specific practices between cultures, there are remarkable similarities when you compare the practice between countries and cultures.

Shamanism is a living practice and evolves and changes over time. It is just as relevant today in our modern world as it was back in time with indigenous people living in hunter gatherer societies.

Direct Revelation

Shamanism is a true path of direct revelation. What this means is that there is no middle man. There are no rules or dogma to strictly adhere to – you get a personal and direct experience of shamanism as you practice it. Yes, there are guidelines and there is advice on practising safely but unlike organised religion, there is no intermediary between you and the helping spirits. You have direct and totally personalised experience of the non-ordinary reality each time you journey.

Shamanism is, in a nutshell, the art of connecting deeply to nature. As a human being you are not separate from nature – you are an intrinsic part of nature. This is something that modern man has forgotten. We often see ourselves as separate from the natural world and we do not recognise that we are deeply connected and form part of this world. When we learn to connect to the earth and nature, we learn to connect to ourselves. We learn to recognise that when we harm the earth, we harm ourselves.

Everything is connected

From a Shamanic point of view everything is connected and everything has a spirit – everything is alive. From a quantum physics point of view, everything is energy. The energy behind our emotions is powerful. Our thoughts become things. Our emotional energy can heal or harm. We have a total responsibility to each other as interconnected human beings to deeply remember who we are and why we are here. We need to remember our connection to the earth and recognise our responsibility to protect nature, and therefore protect ourselves.

Shamanism is a way of life. Shamanic practice allows you to connect with yourself in the most profound way possible. You learn to journey to non-ordinary reality, to form relationships with the helping spirits all around you so that you can heal yourself and others.

Workshops and Training

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Online Course - Shamanic Basics

In this 6 module online course I cover the following topics. The course was originally held as live online training in May 2020 and includes live class recordings for you to learn from at your leisure.  

You can join via the online course hub here.

This module will explore the concept of Shamanism and show you how to move out of normal day to day concerns so you can enter into a sacred space for healing and ceremonial work. The power of your words and intentions will be looked at and together we will undertake a guided journey where you can learn to visit your own sacred garden sanctuary in non-ordinary reality and then draw on this to bring about an altar space in your physical reality.

Medicine Wheel Course

Shamanic Medicine Wheel Course - Practitioner Training - available online, on demand learning

The medicine wheel is the basis for the healing journey of many indigenous cultures around the world. The healing journey starts in the South and ends in the East and is held by the Heavens and Earth, above and below. Great Spirit (all that is), is found everywhere – in the Earth, in the animals and creatures, in the stones, in the plants and in us. Shamanic Practice is about developing a deep reverence and respect for all things.

We traverse the medicine wheel in a spiral with no beginning and end – the concept of line time is lost and we realise increasing levels of awareness and joy as we go through the cycles of life in line with the Medicine Wheel.

Engaging the Medicine Wheel

When we engage the Medicine Wheel as healing journey we are engaging more than a set of practical tools that we bring to our Western perception. What we are really engaging is a whole world view that is rooted in a different mythology than that of the West, and that is of critical importance at this time.

It is through the Medicine Wheel that we heal not only our own wounds, traumas, limiting beliefs, fears, and personal mythology, but that we heal the fundamental underlying myths of our culture and the nature of our relationship with the Earth and all of our relations.

Learning Online

Undertaking a Shamanic Practitioner Course means you are ready and willing to work on your own self healing, practice the exercises and learn from your Shamanic Guides in order to bring this ancient healing art to life, so you can work in your community to help yourself and others.

Learning online is just as effective as learning in person provided you are willing to show up for yourself and join in with the class, the community and the practical exercises.

You will need Internet access to enable you to access the course. Classes will be delivered by video and the course platform is hosted via a secure website where you can download the class materials, workbooks and resources.

You can learn more and enrol on this course here.

Approved & Accredited Training

Rocks n Rituals is an approved and accredited IPHM training provider. This means that our courses in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Shamanism and Tarot are accredited and you can apply to become a member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine body and get discounted insurance if you wish to practice professionally after taking our courses.

IPHM Approved Training Provider

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