The Reiki Solution

Join a supportive Reiki community. Fall in love with Reiki, enhance your practice and develop your Reiki path.

The Reiki Solution

The Reiki Solution (formerly known as Reiki Rooms) is a membership hub which is for Reiki people of all levels and lineages.

Its ultimate purpose is group mentoring and support. Helping to keep your Reiki practice fresh. So you can fall in love and stay in love with your Reiki practice.

Deepen your practice. Allow the transformational energy to infuse your life – helping you BE Reiki.

Suitable for all levels and lineages – from beginners up to and including teachers (an excellent way to boost your CPD Reiki hours for the professionals who need it!)

What’s involved?

  • A fortnightly live meeting via Zoom on a Monday night where we come together in the Reiki Room and enjoy: –
  • A catch up with each other and community networking.
  • Self practice – to develop your personal self-care and Reiki healing work.
  • Free writing with a Reiki related theme – to help you develop your intuition and personal Reiki story.
  • Reiki Reflection and Q&A time
  • Reiki share & distance work

Each fortnight the call recording, writing prompt and any associated notes, recommended reading or Reiki information will be posted in the private members area for you to access between calls.

Members will be able to comment and share inspiration and ideas in this area without having to be on social media

If you miss a live session you can access the call recordings. And remember, with this programme you get: –

Fortnightly access to an experienced Reiki Master for mentoring, support and guidance in your Reiki practice.

Access to a Reiki community where you are safe to grow and learn with other Reiki people.

The membership programme is now open and I would love to see you on the inside!


Member sessions will take place twice a month via Zoom on a Monday evening from 7pm. All meetings will be recorded and will be made available within the private members area.

If you choose to pay monthly, your payment will be taken once a month until cancelled by you. Your payment must be set up before your first session takes place and you agree to a minimum of 3 payments. If you choose to cancel after the 3 month period, then you can do so at any time and your payment plan will be cancelled and access to the membership area removed. Your payment will not increase during your mentorship programme.

No refunds are given as you get instant access to downloadable materials. All contents are copyrighted so please do not share or distribute without our consent.

If you have any further questions about terms and conditions please get in touch.

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