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This course could be for you if you want to learn how to read the Taro cards and feel comfortable interpreting them without the need to refer to your notes or a guidebook

This is based on my very successful in person Tarot course which I run periodically throughout the year. This course always sells out and to help reach more people I thought it would be helpful if I put it online. It is also inspired by my recent book, Rocks n Rituals Tarot Tales and I recommend that you purchase this book alongside the course to help you gain a deeper understanding of the cards.

The course is delivered via my Subscriber Hub, an online platform where you can create a free account and then select courses you wish to enrol on. The course is entirely self-paced so you can work along at your own pace but I would urge you to try and keep up with a weekly schedule so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

As a student on this course, you also get free access to my Tarot Tribe on Facebook. This is a closed group for my tarot students where you can ask questions and get support and guidance from me and the others in the group. It is invaluable to have a support network when you read the cards. Course Content:

  • Week 1 – Connecting with your cards
  • Week 2 – The Major Arcana
  • Week 3 – The art of story-telling using the Tarot
  • Week 4 – The suit of swords
  • Week 5 – The suit of cups
  • Week 6 – The suit of wands
  • Week 7 – The suit of pentacles
  • Week 8 – The Royal Court
  • Week 9 – Formulating Questions and Basic Spread Layouts
  • Week 10 – Card Combinations and Significators
  • Week 11 – The Celtic Cross Spread
  • Week 12 – Dealing with Reversals

Investment – only £9.99

You will need access to the online lessons, so your smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer. You will also need a notebook to use as your Tarot Journal and a set of Tarot Cards. I recommend that you use a Rider Waite deck. I have used the Radiant Rider Waite when designing this course.

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