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Why join a membership community?

We are always full of good intentions, aren’t we? We promise ourselves that we will practice more self care and look after our wellness. Or that we will get into a new spiritual practice and stick to it. Then life gets in the way and we slip back into old habits.

When you join one of community groups you get involved with a group of like-minded people. All our community spaces offer a safe, supportive environment where you can really be yourself.

A community group helps you stay accountable. And it provides discussion, networking and resources to help with your personal and spiritual development. Our membership communities help you build confidence and skills.

Whether you choose to check out our free group on Facebook or join one of our paid communities, you will find the support, discussion and information that really matters.

Our paid communities have live, virtual meetings regularly throughout the month. They also have a library of resources for you to use and direct contact with Debi, as your experienced mentor.

Check out all the details below and join today.

Soul Food Circle Image

The Soul Food Circle is where you can pick and choose the things that feed your Soul AND join a community of like-minded people to grow your intuition, compassion and confidence!

This is an in person or distance healing membership. For £35 per month you can attend for one healing session per calendar month with Shannon Barr, our in-house Reiki Master Practitioner.

Our free Facebook group offers you a chance to check out what it is like to be involved with Rocks n Rituals and to meet like minded people and chat in a safe place.

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