Introducing HEAL - a free 5 day experience starting 22nd January 2024 because YOU have the power to heal yourself!

What if you went from feeling drained, tired and overwhelmed to bursting with joy at the life you were creating?

How much would that change your life?

Imagine it. You wake up each morning with a sense of purpose and freedom. Having a sense of joy and peace within your heart and soul. You are 100% responsible for your life and you LOVE it!

Does that sound good?

Damn right it does!

For years that was just a pipe dream for me. I was burned out, heavily medicated for depression, full of joint pain and digestive problems. Life just seemed like one big drain on my energy. I looked for happiness at the bottom of a wine bottle. Life was running on some foggy auto-pilot. I was simply existing – not living. Dragging myself out of bed to go to work to pay the bills. Coming home to sleep because I was just so exhausted and sore.

Surely there had to be more to life than this?!

There absolutely is – much more to life than that. And I found it when I decided that it was time to take back control of my life and well-being.

Let me introduce myself

Debi standing beside a waterfall

I’m Debi and I am so pleased to meet you!

It’s my mission to empower you to remember who you truly are – a perfect spark of life force energy just waiting to be unleashed!

I am a Reiki Teacher more than a decade of experience, author of both The Reiki Solution and Rocks n Rituals Tarot Tales.

I’m the host of Soul Food Nibbles podcast and I am a professional artist, with customers and clients all over the world.

I have worked with hundreds of spiritual seekers over the last decade to help them find their purpose. To empower them to build their confidence their way. I give you the tools, show you how to use them and then give you the space and freedom to let you find your own path.

You are assured of my support, guidance and help when you need it but I won’t do it for you. You are the driver of your life – not my passenger!

Reiki Healing Association
IPHM Approved Training Provider

Sneak Peek - What's Inside?

  • Day 1 – Creating your Inner Healing Sanctuary so you always have sacred space to heal – you will get a guided meditation each day and a workbook to help you with the simple daily activity.
  • Day 2 – Exploring Energy and Emotion – we return to your inner sanctuary to experience the healing power of Reiki and to explore our emotions and energy body.
  • Day 3 – Accessing your Inner Wisdom – we will connect with tools such as cards or crystals to tap into your own intuition for personalised guidance.
  • Day 4 – Lighting up your Life – we will journey to a future version of yourself and carry out some self love exercises to tune into what make your heart sing.
  • Day 5 – Reclaiming your Power – realising how much you have grown this week and remembering who you truly are.
  • Every day we will have a live Q&A session on the daily activity and for those that want a little bit more I have a special backstage pass with exclusive resources – but you’ll find out more about that when you join HEAL!
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Still reading?

OK – here is the deal. This is NOT for you if you want someone to fix you. If you expect me to have a magic wand and take away all your troubles then I’m sorry this is not the place for you.

BUT – if you are READY to take RESPONSIBILITY for your WELLNESS and to bring HAPPINESS AND POWERFUL PEACE into your life – then this is for YOU!

HEAL - Free 5 Day Experience

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Come and join us – you’ll even get to meet #ReikiCat – also known as Raven.

This is her chilling out on the back of the sofa – her favourite spot.

Raven the Reiki Cat