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What is Energy Alignment?

Your body is made up of energy. Every cell and structure is made of source energy. This extends into your aura – the electro-magnetic field of energy that surrounds your body. Within your entire system you have energy centres called chakras.

Your aura is a massive recording device – it records every thought, word, belief and experience that you go through – in this life and in all past lives. It is therefore vital that you learn how to keep this energy clean, clear and in alignment with what you want out of life. When there are blockages and imbalances in your energy field it can eventually lead to physical illness. These imbalances and blockages can also prevent you from manifesting the life you want lead. You may have limiting beliefs holding you back from earning the money you want, walls and resistance to allowing people to get close to you or perhaps you simply feel tired all the time.

An energy alignment session offers you the opportunity to have your chakras cleared and sealed with healing energy. Your energy body is re-aligned with your physical body to allow for optimum flow of energy in your system. You can then use the session to release resistance you may have which is holding you back from achieving or manifesting the life you want. You will feel lighter and brighter, you will feel ready to take action towards your dreams and you will feel less tired and drained.

Debi is an energy healing expert, trained in Reiki healing and Crystal Healing. She is also an Advanced Shamanic Practitioner and certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner. As such she has put together this new energy alignment session which you can book for £50. The session will last one hour and Debi will clear your energy centres, re-align your energy system and will teach you how to release resistance and blocks from your energy field.

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