Creative Workshops

Join a creative workshop to fuse spirituality and art together in a supportive environment

Sacred Art Sessions

Join us for a 2.5 hour session – intuitive flow painting & meditation practice.

We will begin by opening sacred space. Then centring our energy and getting calm. Then we will let the paint flow across the paper or canvas. We will be using watercolour for best results with this intuitive technique.

We’ll paint together letting the paint flow, drip, run or intuitively choosing colours to allow for a loose and intuitive meditative painting to emerge.

We will add essential oil to the finished piece and you can add a crystal of your choice to the piece once it dries and allow it to beam out your healing energy.

We will end by meditating together in our sacred space and adding healing energy to the painting.

£25 per session (all materials provided) – price includes all materials, gently guided instruction & meditation where applicable, use of the essential oils, a tumblestone of your choice from the crystal collection and light refreshments.

Next session date TBC

Booking is essential as numbers will be strictly limited to allow for both social distancing and comfort.

Use the Get in Touch Form to book and remember to mention the workshop name.

Meditative Mandala Art Workshop

Dates to be confirmed

In this spiritual art workshop we will come together to create a beautiful and unique mandala painting together. We will be meditating together in our sacred space at various times throughout the day to connect in with our inner self. Throughout the day we will add layers to our painting – working in 8 stages –

  1. Connecting to our inner sense of freedom and beginning the process by layering on colour intuitively to get started.
  2. Connecting to the flow of life as we add spirals and circles to our artwork – finding our centre in the midst of chaos.
  3. Grounding our intention by tuning in to the words we want to add to our mandala – these will fade into the background of the mandala as we continue to layer on paint and beautiful intention.
  4. Getting playful – we will add splashes of fluid colour and water to reconnect with the aspect of feeling and sensing rather than doing after the earthiness of stage 3.
  5. We will be begin to create the form and outline of the mandala and will observe our inner critic with love and kindness at this stage of the process. This part is a test of our inner judgement and we learn to become aware of this and move on with grace.
  6. Colouring and blending – at this stage we begin to allow the colours to take form within the outline of the mandala. We explore blending colours and using a light touch to get translucent effects in our piece.
  7. We will connect in with the vibration of energy around us and add contrast to our piece using light and dark to create definition and areas of highlights. The mandala begins to come to life.
  8. In our final stage we add the finishing touches using fingers, brushes or whatever you like to add the final detail to your unique meditative mandala.

All materials will be provided for you. The investment for this workshop is £75 per person and places are strictly limited to allow for comfort and social distance requirements.

Use the Get In Touch box to register your interest and remember to specify the workshop name.

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