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Working with angels is something that everyone can do. Each of us has our own Guardian Angel who protects and guides us through our human life. Often we talk about our departed loved ones being our guardian angels but angels have never incarnated into human form. Our departed loved ones may choose to become one of our spirit guides but they are not the same as angels.

Angels radiate pure love and light. You can connect to your angel simply by asking them to come close and make their presence felt. Angels cannot interfere in our lives without our consent so you need to ask your angel to step forward and communicate with you. Angels will communicate through subtle means – they know that if they were to appear in front of us in all their glory we would most likely be too shocked to move! Hearing your angel’s guidance can therefore be difficult to begin with. As humans we want instant gratification and obvious tangible evidence that we are not making things up in our heads. However, angels communicate by using signs such as feathers, an overheard conversation, song lyrics or other subtle things like that.

You can also work with Archangels. Archangels are much more powerful than your guardian angel and they each have their own speciality. If you are interested in angels you will most likely be familiar with Archangel Michael, the protector and Archangel Raphael, the healer. There are many archangels and armies of angels. They are all available to help us with our lives and our health. They encourage us to eat more healthily and take better care of ourselves. They won’t do things for us – we are in ultimate control and they will only guide and suggest or illuminate paths for us to take – it is up to us to recognise the signs and take inspired action.

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What happens in an Angel Healing Session?

An Angel Healing session lasts around 1 hour. When you arrive, Debi will have a chat with you about the session and about any specific issues you want to address. Debi will then do an angel card reading to help with the focus of the session and you will then be asked to lie on the massage table. You remain fully clothed and Debi will place a light blanket over you to keep you warm.

Debi will take you through a guided relaxation visualisation to ensure that you are fully relaxed and she will then lay some crystals on your chakra points. The crystals will vary depending on the nature of your requirements. The crystals are chosen to restore balance to your chakras and for the purpose of connecting with the angels.

Debi will then ask that your guardian angel steps forward and makes itself known to you during the healing session. Your angel will be asked to facilitate the healing that is required at that moment in time for your highest good and to bring in any other angels that can assist. You will be lying on the table with your eyes closed, in a state of deep relaxation, and you may experience floating sensations or you may see or hear images or sounds from the angels. The important thing is to remain open to the experience, not to analyse what is happening and just enjoy the session.

After about 15 minutes, Debi will gently remove the crystals and will carry out a short Reiki session and aura cleansing. This will further help to seal in the energy and promote balance and healing.

Debi will then gently guide you back from your relaxed state and will ensure you are fully grounded. You can then discuss your experience and make any notes. It is a good idea to bring a journal with you as you should write down your experience as soon as possible so that you don’t forget anything. Debi will provide time for you to do this as part of the session and you can also ask any questions at this point that you may have.

Some people find the sessions quite emotionally charged so please don’t worry if you feel you need to laugh or cry. This is perfectly normal and all part of the healing process. With each session your vibration increases which in turn makes it easier for you to see and hear your angels and to spot the signs of them communicating with you.

How do I book and how much is it?

You can make an appointment by calling Debi on 028 9142 2214 or by emailing her at You can also use the contact form on our website or contact her via Facebook. You can also book online.

The price of an angel healing session is £50 and you can pay on the day with any major debit or credit card. If you wish to block book then Debi can arrange this for you and you can avail of discounts, please see the treatment price-list page for details of the block booking discounts available.

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