Eclipse Energy Continues

The eclipse energy is heating up and life can feel a bit crazy. As the full moon and total lunar eclipse approaches, it’s time to step up. These next few days may be challenging. You need to take full responsibility for your life. Mercury moves retrograde tomorrow and provides opportunity for flexibility and resourcefulness. You become the messenger. Your communication skills are heightened. With Jupiter moving into Aries later this week as well, you have the chance to make some bold moves. Are you ready?

Eclipse Energy Vibes

I certainly feel the energy at the moment. You can too – so many of you have told me. It is very easy to become ungrounded. To feel fuzzy headed and all over the place. Physically you can also feel the effects. There have been more solar flares just add even more fuel to the cosmic fire!

Speaking of fire, our first card this week is Fire. We also have North and East. Cards from the Shamanic Medicine Oracle deck and, as always, they are pretty spot on. Well, they are for me anyway! You can let me know if they resonate with you.

Eclipse Energy from Shamanic Medicine Cards
Shamanic Medicine Oracle Deck Cards

Fire & Passion

So let’s get started. Fire – Passion! This card challenges you to cast aside any fear of fire. Bring warmth to your inner world. Fire spirits, when you respect them, will bring protection to you and your loved ones.

You can work with fire in an etheric sense. Invite it into your life. Imagine it burning through all the negative energy or things you want to let go of. Remember, we are still in the eclipse energy period. It is time to clear that clutter – let fire help you!

We often do journeys to the elements in the shamanic courses I run. In fact, the current course will be ending next month with a fire ceremony. I can’t wait! It’s always so powerful.

Staring into the flames is so healing. You can often see images and it feels primal – doesn’t it? If you don’t have an open fire at home, you can use a candle flame. Or maybe you have a little fire pit outside? you could sit by the fire and allow your mind to wander.

Working with fire energy reignites your passions. It helps you to reclaim your power. To walk in your true light with vitality and purpose. The strength you need is in the fire. Offer warmth to yourself and others.

Set fire to your limiting beliefs and anything that holds you back. Write it down and burn it in the fire. Just remember to thank the fire spirits afterwards for their help. They do love a little dark chocolate – so pop some in the fire as a thank you.

North – Solitude

This card tells you that it is time to put some distance between you and whatever is holding you back. Perhaps it is an addiction, a behaviour pattern or a person. It is time for you to take some time out. Sit with yourself – in solitude.

Solitude is a wonderful gift to give yourself. Taking the time to purposefully be alone. To sit with your thoughts. To look deeply within. Often we fear this. We keep ourselves so busy we never get the chance for solitude. Or perhaps we are always on call. Always having the phone in our hand, with notifications pinging.

Take some time out. Retreat to the North of the Medicine Wheel. Lean into the element of Earth. Practice solitude. Face your shadow self. During this period you will find what you need to do to improve your life and relationships.

You can peacefully be with yourself or choose to confront your shadow. Only you know which is appropriate for you right now. Both have merit.

Often when we sit in solitude we can recognise the causes of our challenges. This is when we can take full responsibility for them. And stop blaming others. Take some time to work out how you have arrived at this point. Then take action according to your inner guidance.

If you never sit in solitude and silence then you will never hear the inner voice. Face that fear. Give yourself the gift of time out.

East – Emergence

This card follows beautifully from the last one. After the solitude and introspection, we can emerge. Refreshed and revitalised. Ready to take on our challenges with new passion and drive.

This card also reassures us that whatever feels fuzzy or out of reach just now, will soon come to pass. Clarity will prevail once more. In fact, you may find that happens sooner rather than later with Mercury Retrograde tomorrow!

The East is the direction of Air. Thoughts and dreams – do you keep a dream journal? If not, it may be worth it. Writing down themes, feelings and events from dreams can provide deep insights.

The element of Air is also all about communication. Yesterday at shamanic class we were merging with air. Listening for messages on the wind. How appropriate that this card shows up today!

If you follow the advice of the previous two cards, your sense of self will soon emerge. You will know who you are and what you want. Spiritual work, meditation and healing will become stronger. Your life purpose will be clear.


What lovely cards and as always, very appropriate. We also have the only Friday 13th of the year this week. I love Friday 13th. It is the day of goddess – a deeply divine feminine energy day! Enjoy it and tap into that goddess power!

Let me know what spoke to you this week and I’ll be back next Monday with 3 more cards for you! Remember you can also check this content out on YouTube and Soundcloud.

If you need me this week please give me a little more time to respond. I am out with St John Ambulance NI most of this week. We are covering the North West 200 International Motorbike Racing event in Portrush. May the odds be ever in our favour!

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